"Over sized loads meet over sized experience."

Bricker Transport

When it comes to flatbed and over-dimensional trucking between the United States and Mexico, Bricker Transport, LLC takes the lead in all categories of asset heavy haul, flatbed and oversize shipments.

We have over 100 years of collective experience that insures a safe, timely, and a cost efficient “no transfer” cross-border transport service.

Bricker Logistics – Bricker Brokerage – Bricker International : In-house support services under the Bricker Transport Parent Company, offering a “One-Stop-Shop” turnkey service package from under one Bricker roof !

What is the legal classification for an over-dimensional shipment?

You’ve got a heavy haul on your hands if your load is:
greater than 8’6” in height,
greater than 8’6” in width,
greater than 45,000 pounds,
and/or longer than the length of the trailer.